Scam/Rip off

Not resolved stole my money.I ordered something about 3 months ago.

When i made my $190 purchase the website answered my every question within a day. After 2 weeks go by they say that my package was delivered but i never received it. I tried to respond to them many times and never got another answer till another month after that asking what the order number was and they will look into it. Several months later and still no response i've tried to contact them around 10 times.

I've also tried to contact the Canada post office but since it's in canada they were not any help they tell me to contact the site i ordered from, which is impossible.

This site will steal your money.DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM.

Review about: Online Order.



the web admin stole the site from spencer and tried to send out a 3 for 1 48 hour sale, lol....he also tried to say spence attacked him to try and cover his story and got spence charged and everything.

but the charges got dropped.

I ordered from the site 3 times while it was good and always got my order.I wish he'd come back.


he also neglects to send out orders. I asked for a tracking number so many times, and he just signed off and never replied. Never got my package.

Funny part is they've been good to me once before.


I made two successful orders through them several months ago, so I know they weren't a scam site then. The site's been down for at least a week so it looks like they've just folded up & gone out of business.


this guy sent a email out trying to rip off everybody they could about a week ago, i almost fell for it

Western Union / Money Gram:

*First Name:* Jason

*Last Name:* Boudreault

*City:* Calgary

*Province / State:* Alberta

*Country:* Canada

*Phone Number:* 403-604-4839

most likely jason is a real person if your in canada go get your money


Website seems to be down now, or maybe it really just was a chain of screwed up situations.

But at least you only had a 190 dollar order pending, mine was $500.


He ripped me off too!Reviews up to a few months ago were good.

But looks like he has gone major scammer now, despite the story he now has on his website. DONT BELIEVE IT! He has not taken care of past orders of which mine is one.


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